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Paul Ouboter
was appointed head of the NZCS in 1987. He has initiated and coordinated a considerable number of research projects and expeditions. He is also curator of the Vertebrate Section, and obtained his PhD on the ecology of Surinamese Caimans.
e-mail: paul.ouboter@uvs.edu

Gwendolyn Landburg is the head of the Environmental-lab and has participated in different research  projects regarding water quality in relation to mercury levels due to goldmining. She also studies the recovery potential of the forest ecosystem from logging.
e-mail: gwendolyn.landburg@uvs.edu

Rawien Jairam  works for the NZCS vertebrate section as a preparator and general assistant. He also takes part in ongoing research regarding environmental issues.
e-mail: rawien_2000@yahoo.com

Vanessa Kadosoe works at the Invertebrate department as assistant for vector research. She also studies aquatic macro-invertebrates in relation to monitoring of water quality.
e-mail: vanessa.kadosoe@uvs.edu

Anielkoemar Gangadin is the assistant curator for the invertebrate department. During the  years he worked for the NZCS he gained knowledge and experience in invertebrate collecting, identification and museum care.
e-mail: anielkoemar.gangadin@uvs.edu

Clementino Djakiman works as a lab assistant, with a chemistry background in the CMO lab.
e-mail: clementino.djakiman@uvs.edu

Sheryl Starke  is coordinator of the NZCS library which is used by students, national and international scientists and other interested individuals.
e-mail: sheryl.starke@uvs.edu

Shamita Sahdew  works at the NZCS as the assistant- curator for the vertebrate section. She is experienced in field and laboratory  research and has worked mostly on fishes, amphibians and reptiles.
e-mail: shamita.sahdew@uvs.edu

Indra Asraf-Nanden works as a lab assistant, with a chemistry background in the CMO lab.
e-mail: indra.asraf-nandan@uvs.edu

Wilma Hoever-Shewnaik started her career at the NZCS as an administrative assistant, but is now an assistant for the NZCS library and has taken over much of the administrative duties of the labrary.
e-mail: wilma.shewnaik@uvs.edu

Natasja Nain-Kartodimedjo  is the NZCS administrative assistant. She helps lighten the administrative burden for Dr. Paul Ouboter and everyone else at the NZCS.
e-mail: natasja.kartodimedjo@uvs.edu

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