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Library - Environmental Documentation Centre

The Environmental Documentation Centre contains the library collections of the NZCS and the Environmental Research Centre (CMO) of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. The collection focuses on the neotropics, with emphasis on Suriname and the other Guyanas, as well as the Caribbean. A computerized collection database exists for review. Books, journals, reports, and reprints of scientific articles concerning the following subjects are available:

  • Biology and zoology (general): ecology, biodiversity, information on various invertebrate and vertebrate animal groups
  • Environment: legislation, baseline studies, environmental impact assessment, pollution, eco-toxicology, management, policy and planning
  • Forest, protected areas and conservation
  • Hydrobiology and limnology
  • Expeditions

This information facility exists to meet the needs of the scientific staff and students of the University, though the centre is also open for outsiders interested in the above mentioned subjects. Documents are available to be studied in the centre, which has a limited photocopying facility.

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