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Welcome to the homepage of the National Zoological Collection of Suriname and the Environmental Research Center(NZCS/CMO), two institutes within the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS). Our main task is to develop an overview of the fauna of Suriname, by working together on building a reference collection for the fauna of Suriname and using fauna as indicator species in ecological and biological research.

This is achieved by studying and/or collecting and preserving both vertebrates and invertebrates from different parts of the country, which is combined with scientific research concerning either the biology, ecology and/or the distribution of one, or several animal species, or the composition and status of a certain ecosystem.

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National Zoological Collection of Suriname  (NZCS)
University complex Leysweg 86
P.O.Box 9212
Paramaribo, Suriname
South America
Tel/Fax (597) 494756


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