National Zoological Collection of Suriname/ Environmental Research Center (CMO)



The NZCS hopes to considerably improve its infrastructure in the near future. There is an urgent need for special separate working and conservation rooms. For already more then 20 years the NZCS is trying to have a new building built according to museum management qualities. The University of Suriname is now in the planning phase for the construction of separate office buildings, and the improvement of current facilities for the permanent storage of specimens.  

Another problem is the lack of staff members. Training of interested people in taxonomy and ecology is considered to be an important future task.

The NZCS will focus on the development of sustainable use of the fauna, thereby contributing to a sustainable development of Suriname. In addition, the NZCS is improving the dissemination of information. In the near future the NZCS biodiversity database will be accessible through the internet.

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