National Zoological Collection of Suriname/ Environmental Research Center (CMO)



The NZCS has organized and participated in several expeditions to the interior of Suriname.

Most of the specimens and data collected during these expeditions were incorporated in the NZCS collections and databases and the relevant reports can be found in the Library of the NZCS.

Among the larger expeditions were:

- The Coeroeni-Sipaliwini-Apalagadi expedition (funded by WOTRO)

- The Tapanahony expedition (funded by WOTRO)

- The Oelemarie expedition in 1998 (funded by the World Wildlife Fund)

- The Tafelberg expedition in 2003, funded by the Suriname Conservation Foundation

- The Upper-Coppename Aquarap in 2006, organized by Conservation International

- The Nassau expedition 2006

- The Kwamalasamoetoe 2010 expedition, initiated by  Conservation International

- The Grensgebergte expedition 2012, organised by   Conservation International

- The Tafelberg expedition 2013(funded by the National Geographic in collaboration with Short lab/University of Kansas and the New York Botanical garden)

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