National Zoological Collection of Suriname/ Environmental Research Center (CMO)



Besides the collecting and research activities, the NZCS also conducts educational activities. Unfortunately the NZCS, lacks a modern exhibition room, but a small permanent mini-expo can be visited under supervision, and after appointment.

All scientists and most technicians of NZCS/CMO are involved in teaching courses at the University. NZCS has also initiated and is coordinating a MSc. program in Conservation Biology.

NZCS scientists and technicians are involved in a project to publish small booklets on animals for children.

School classes, interested people and other organizations are often shown around, and provided with information about the research and collections. Students of different levels are given support in their researches, and whenever possible, students (national and international) are given the opportunity to participate in NZCS activities.

 The NZCS started with nature awareness activities, such as newspaper articles and video documentaries. The first series of these documentaries is called "Images of Paradise", and was broadcasted on national television in November and December 2003. More information on these documentaries can be obtained through the NZCS email address: nzcs@uvs.edu

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