National Zoological Collection of Suriname/ Environmental Research Center (CMO)



The NZCS often receives requests for information concerning the distribution of certain animal species, the status of protected or threatened species, the possibilities for ecotourism, the biodiversity of certain areas, the sustainable use of certain animal species, etc. from both national and international institutions.

This explains the diversity of contacts with:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF),

Conservation International (CI),

Foundation for Nature Preservation in Suriname (STINASU),

Suriname Conservation Fund (SCF),

Suriname Forestry Service (LBB),

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),

Global Environmental Facility (GEF),

International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN,

The ALCOA Foundation

Tulane University

Kansas University

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Tropenbos Suriname

The University of the West Indies (UWI)


And many other organisations in and outside of Suriname.

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