National Zoological Collection of Suriname/ Environmental Research Center (CMO)


Center of exellence

For  a considerable number of animal groups the NZCS has reached the highest level of curation (well preserved, labeled and accessible via computer database programs). A continuous input of manpower is provided in order to further label and computerize the collections. Both the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Suriname and the University of Suriname support the NZCS and the National Herbarium of Suriname (BBS) in their effort to improve the databases and to make the information publicly available. All flora and fauna data were imported into a new database software program which allows the linking of basic specimen data to distribution maps, pictures and sound. These databases will become available on-line very soon.

With the current collections the NZCS is the best curated and almost largest zoological collection in the CARICOM. Therefore the institute has been nominated as 'Center of Excellence' for this area.

The NZCS facilitates in the use of its collections. This includes not only  providing data on the collections, but also providing information on fauna and environmental matters, and providing equipment and human capacity to use the above to the full extend.

The NZCS library is a well-documented information center which holds a considerable number of publications concerning vertebrates, invertebrates, ecology, environmental issues etc. The library database of owned publications, with abstracts,  and the library database of on-line pdf-publications will be published on-line as well.


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