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Environmental Laboratory

The main task of the Environmental Laboratory is to carry out research on aquatic pollution. In 1996, an Environmental Laboratory was established in the NZCS building. Ten years later, a much larger Laboratory became available and in 2012 the certification of the Laboratory conform the ISO 9001: 2008 standards was achieved to ensure a philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of our institute.

The activities at our laboratory can be divided into two aspects:


As facility for scientists and students for their research/ thesis. The NZCS/CMO also uses this Laboratory for its own research.


The provision of services to third parties such as private companies, government agencies, institutes, NGO’s etc.

Linked to these aspects, our laboratory team can offer a series of microbiological, physical  and chemical analysis according to international standard.

Microbiological Analysis 

We provide the following testing on water samples:


 Escherichia coli

 Physical & Chemical Analysis

We provide the following testing on water samples:





 Dissolved Oxygen

 Total Dissolved Solids

 Secchi Disk







 Calcium Hardness

 Magnesium Hardness

 Total Hardness

 Total Suspended Solids










 ***Note: Mercury determination also in soil, hair and biota samples



 Experienced staff 

 Provide variety of testing and sampling services 

 Free consultancy on analysis 

 Reliable results 

 Protection of client’s confidential & property right

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