National Zoological Collection of Suriname/ Environmental Research Center (CMO)


What is the NZCS about?

The NZCS was founded in 1981 as an institute from the University of Suriname. Its main tasks are to manage a reference collection of the fauna of Suriname, to engage in educational activities and to carry out research. The NZCS became active in research in 1987 when a professional curator was appointed. Its natural history collection contains specimens of most animal groups occurring in Suriname and currently holds some 100,000 specimens. It includes the natural history collection of the Surinaams Museum and the insect collection of  CELOS (Center for Agricultural Research in Suriname). Research at the NZCS currently focuses on integrated research of biodiversity, ecology and the environment.

Over the years, the NZCS has developed from a small natural history collection to a Biodiversity Institution, with the capacity to not only maintain and expand its collections, but also to carry out baseline studies and to consult and conduct its own biodiversity research.

The NZCS was able to improve its human resources and infrastructure to the extent that it currently is one of the better equipped Zoological Collections in the Caribbean Region.


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